In order to build any thing it requires people or a labor force. That labor force can be skilled or unskilled, nevertheless, people are needed. Apart of our mission is to build people into what God has designed them to be, and point them into their Kingdom Assignment. We intend to build people through teaching and preaching the Word of God, encouraging practical life skills, and supplying venues that promote edification and enrichment.

In order to build it requires developing and cultivating relationships. It is necessary to build relationships from within the body as well as others surrounding us. We intend to encourage healthy, working relationships within the body as well as seeking and nurturing relationships within the community to better serve this territory (members, visitors, neighbors, businesses, schools, churches, etc.).

We intend to utilize the laborers and relationships to build ministry. Ministry or service will be built to meet the physical and spiritual needs of individuals. Our primary focus is the spiritual man. Each individual will be encouraged to seek where they can best have impact within the Kingdom.

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