About IHC

International Harvest Center is a friendly, loving, vibrant, Spirit-filled church located in the Greater Tampa Bay area.  We are a multi-ethnic and multi-generational gathering of believers who fellowship together in unity.  We at International Harvest Center, or IHC as it is affectionately known, are known for years of service and ministry within the community.  IHC fashions itself to be a place where individuals can grow and serve in a caring environment with others.

We are Pentecostal in our expression and worship.  Gatherings are lively and interactive as we seek to give all that we have in humble gratitude to our Lord.  We attempt to make all feel welcomed when they walk through the doors.  Hospitality is at the forefront of what we do.  We recognize that all have been “accepted in the beloved.”  Our prayer is that all would grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Since 1980 (the year IHC was birthed) it has been a light in the community.  Now we are responsible for ministering to elementary and high schools in the east Tampa area.  IHC has also been responsible in providing food and clothing to those who are in need.  IHC reaches up, reaches in, and reaches out.



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